Our services

Internal medicine

    • Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
    • Individually structured health check-ups
    • ECG, abdominal ultrasound, lung function tests, doppler-echography of blood vessels
    • Blood and other laboratory tests
    • Close cooperation with a radiology clinic and specialists


    • Treatment of acute illnesseslogo clinica internacional Stethoskop frei 400
    • Vaccinations
    • child health surveillance check-ups (prior notice)


    • Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses of the musculoskeletal system and the spine
    • Chiropractic
    • Injection of joints


    • Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in adults and children
    • syringing of blocked ears


    • Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
    • Urine diagnostics and ultrasound
    • prostate check-ups


    • Treatment of acute infections
    • contraceptive advice
    • cervical smear test


    • Treatment of wound and skin infections, eczema, allergies and burns
    • surgical removal of smaller skin lesions with histological diagnosis
    • Cryotherapy for warts and sun damaged skin
    • Screening of the skin for malignant changes

Minor surgery

    • Primary care of superficial injuries
    • Removal of smaller benign or malignant skin and nail changes in local anaesthesia
    • post-operative wound care and removal of stiches

Vaccinations/Travel Medicine

    • scheduled vaccinations for children and adults
    • travel vaccinations
    • travel advice


    • is the selection of individual formulas of biological medicines in homeopathic dilution furthering the stimulation of the person´s own self-regulating energies. A detailed history will be taken, evaluating the constitution, symptom complex and personal circumstances.


    • The well-researched classical acupuncture is being applied according to the principles of Chinese medicine. This includes traditional Chinese assessment of the state of the pulse and tongue after extensive history taking. The acupuncture sites are being selected under the aspect to boost one´s health and re-balance one´s energies.

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    • Aims for the restauration of the locomotor and functional ability of the human body within a holistic approach to relief suffering and prevent relapses. I mainly focus on manual physiotherapy and medical massages.

Home visits are being offered between La Herradura and Salobreña.